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Hear from one of our moms during September: National Recovery Month!

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Hello, my name is Sarah.

I am a mother of three very busy boys. I am a mother that is also in recovery for almost four long years. I recently became a member of the study advisory committee for “The More Study”. As an individual,  I have struggled through this journey more than once. Each experience was different with some quick, some extensive relapses in between. At that difficult time in my life I had lost custody of my only child, couch surfing town to town, couldn’t hold down a job for the life of me and eventually in and out of jail. While I was in jail, I discovered some resources that could have helped me stay clean and sober upon my release. I was beginning to realize there was hope but I had to fight for it. However. I did not seek the help and took another turn for the worse. It was the biggest mistake I could have chosen for myself. I had moved back into an unstable, very abusive relationship in order to see my child. About six months later, I had finally found a way out but was once again leaving my child behind. Something had to give. I quickly started gathering what I had for resources and a support team. I sought help and was ready to clean up my mess. I made it out successfully without any more harm but to my young son. The visions of him standing behind those doors screaming “mommy, why did you leave me here” still haunt me. I got up, I fought and fought until I couldn’t anymore. As I obtained sobriety, I eventually obtained custody back. Then shortly after, it was one blessing after another. My health, transportation and housing was improving. It felt like I had my life back. This was my time to shine!

That my friends is called recovery. It’s important to me as a member of this study, to help bring more awareness and understanding of substance use to other moms and soon to be moms. Keep faith, there is hope.