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I have been working on this project since the idea for it was born. I absolutely love being a part of this team. I am so passionate about recovery. I myself have been in recovery for many years now. I’m now a mother too. I can’t even imagine my life without my children, husband, family, and job. My babies remind me every day to stay strong. They help me keep in mind how precious every minute is. My husband keeps me calm and steady. My family keeps me connected. My job keeps me fighting and advocating for others who are or have suffered from substance use disorders. All four together keep me full of love, excited, and ready for anything. I can wear many different hats when I am at work or at home just having a conversation. I can think from many different angles and put myself in just about anyone shoes. I have had a very rough past, but even if given the opportunity, I would not change a thing. Without my past, I wouldn’t be where I am now and wouldn’t have my knowledge, family, appreciation, respect, patience, experience, and the fight in me. The projects that I have been involved with have made me feel like this is my calling, like I have true meaning to my career, and like I am really making a difference. I absolutely believe that having people who have had lived experience with substance use disorders on the team, makes a huge difference. I don’t say that to make others feel unimportant. I say that because it’s important for everyone to see that our voices shouldn’t be unheard. We shouldn’t feel so much shame for being in recovery. We should all feel very proud. You should feel honored to have someone in recovery on your team because we feel honored to be a part of the team. You should be helping take away from stigma and not adding to it. I am so lucky to work where I do because they fight hard to help others with substance use disorders. They truly understand all the battles that come with having a substance use disorder.