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Rally4Recovery in Portland, Maine


My name is Lindsey. I am a member of the Study Advisory Committee for The MOm’s in REcovery (MORE) Study. I am also a mom in recovery, who has been clean from all illegal substances, since December of 2017.

Our project had been a part of several Vigils and Rally’s for both Overdose Awareness Month, which was August and Recovery Month, which is September. Each Vigil and Rally has had an impressive amount of tables advertising resources, within their state. We are trying to get as many resources in VT, NH, and ME. We are hoping to add all the resources we learn about to our Website to help moms who participate in our project or even just show interest.

As a member of this team I had the pleasure to attend the 6th Annual Maine Rally4Recovery, that took place in Portland, Maine. It was an experience I will never forget. As soon as I arrived, I got the sense it was going to be a great time. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone was so warm and welcoming. There were people of all ages including men, women, and children. We set up a table for our study, in hopes of recruiting some pregnant women for our Study, learning about resources in Maine to help people interested or participating in our Study, and also sharing the details of our Study with others to spread the word about our Study.

There were a bunch of other tables set up to share what type of resource they were. Some were local and some were as far as Bangor, Maine. There were also tables set up with great activities. They had a table for making your own tie-dye shirts, another for painting what recovery looks like to you, face painting, and a bounce house for children. I was also able to go around to all of the tables that were set up and learn more about their programs. There were also some very powerful speakers including Doctors, Police, Council members, and men and women in recovery.

My favorite part of the rally was when one of the speakers asked for anyone who had 30 years or more in recovery to come up to the stage. A woman with 38 years of sobriety came up, along with others. He then asked if there was anyone in recovery for 20 years or more. He continued to ask for 20 years and more, then 10 years or more, then 5 and more, then 3 and more then 2 and more, then 1 and more, then 6 months or more, then 3 month and more and then 60 days and more, then 30 days and more, and then he ended it with “Is anyone thinking about starting recovery right now?” He had people joining the stage after each time he said a length of time. Seeing the people swarm to the stage was incredible and it gave me goosebumps. Before we knew it, the stage was filled up and surrounded by majority of people attending the Rally.

Seeing something like that gives me hope for the future, lets me know recovery is possible, and most importantly, that I am doing this right! Recovery is working for me and will continue to work, if I keep working it. Pictures of me and my baby and a full stage of people in recovery!